Wartburg 311 or Wartburg 1000 was made in Eisenach plant, East Germany, between 1956 and 1965. Here we have one car from the latest models that left the factory, before end of production. The 311 model was manufactured in a number of variations, including pickup, sedan, limousine, coupe, and as a two-seater roadster. The Wartburg 1000 featured here belongs to Romanian car collector Lilica D. and is registered as a member of Retromobil (RCR).


Make: Wartburg

Model: 311 1000 / Wartburg 1000 (311)

Production: 1965 (1955-1966)

Body type: saloon/sedan, 4 doors, 5 seats


Price: 8,000-12,000 Euro (used, but in good condition or restored) in classic car market when filmed (2014)

Engine: 0.9-litre (992 cc) in-line 3-cylinder gasoline/petrol two-stroke engine, mixing ratio 1:33. The maximum output is 33.1 kW / 45 PS/hp at 4,200 rpm and peak torque is 9.5 mkp or 93 Nm (approx. 68 lb-ft), available at 2,200 rpm.

Gearbox: 4-speed manual transmission (with 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears synchronized)

Tyres: Continental Contact 165/60 R15 Radial 87T

Acceleration 0-80 km/h (0-50 mph): 15 seconds

Top speed: 125 km/h

Declared average fuel consumption: 8.7 liters of gasoline/petrol per 100 km


Fuel tank (l):

Dimensions (mm): L 4,300 / w 1,570 / h 1,450

Luggage compartment capacity (l):

Wheelbase (mm): 2,450

Weight: 900 kg

Cd: –

Front suspension: Independent, non-changing fall, top of transverse leaf spring suspended without axle, wishbones at the bottom.

Rear suspension: Rigid axle with trailing arms and high-lying transverse leaf spring.

Main equipment

Front seatbelts, hydraulic brakes, Blaupunkt radio, closed glove box compartment, left side rearview mirror, sun blinds, front adjustable seats.


+ easy to drive
+ comfortable suspension
+ low engine noise inside the cabin

– noisy rear suspension

Driven by Lilica D. for 2,750 km, 10 l/100 km average fuel consumption, 20,780 km total mileage of the car.

Wartburg 1000 photos

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