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by Adrian


ThrottleChannel.com, an automotive encyclopedia & digital museum, is a platform that presents cars of the world.

This way car enthusiasts can experience the interaction with various vehicles and they can see how the cars look, how they sound, and how they accelerate.

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Each car has the chance to “speak for itself”, for one minute, in a standard presentation format.

ThrottleChannel’s goal is to bring together all cars of the world and to become, in the long run, a valuable automotive collection.



ThrottleChannel.com was founded in 2014 and offers a unique combination of automotive video productions, text, and photos, making it the first media of its kind. Having all the cars of the world in one place, available online for everybody, is our vision about how automotive content, encyclopedias and museums should be.

We highlight vehicles design, features, sound, and performance in high-quality one-minute videos that are available online for every person in the world that has an internet connection.


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