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Dacia 1300 (1972)

by Adrian

Dacia 1300 was made under Renault 12 license and the two cars were launched on the market simultaneously. The cars are identical, the only difference is the badge of the manufacturer. Dacia is the iconic brand of Romania and even if the Renault license for Dacia 1300 expired in 1978, Dacia continued to manufacture the model up to 1981. Afterwards, with small modifications from generation to generation, the spirit and general design of Dacia 1300 remained on the market until 2004. The Dacia 1300 featured here belongs to Romanian collector Paul I., the secretary of Dacia Clasic, part of Retromobil (RCR).


Make: Dacia

Model: 1300 / Dacia 1300

Production: 1969 – 1981

Body type: saloon/sedan, 4 doors, 5 seats


Price: about 70,000 Lei (new), equivalent to 15,555 Euro in 2014 | 3,000-5,000 Euro (used, but in good condition or restored) in classic car market when filmed (2014)

Engine: 1.3-litre (1,289 cc) in-line 4-cylinder gasoline/petrol engine, with Solex 32-EISA monocorp carburator. The maximum output is 40 kW / 54 PS/hp at 5,250 rpm and peak torque is 94 Nm (approx. 69 lb-ft), available at 3,000 rpm.

Gearbox: 4-speed manual transmission

Tyres: Debica Navigator 155/80 R13

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 18.4 seconds

Top speed: 144 km/h

Declared average fuel consumption: 7,0 liters of gasoline/petrol per 100 km

Emissions: Non EU, 220-250 g CO2/km (estimated, there is no official data)

Fuel tank (l): 42

Dimensions (mm): L 4,340 / w 1,636 / h 1,434

Luggage compartment capacity (l): 360

Wheelbase (mm): 2,441

Weight: 930 kg

Cd: –

Front suspension: Independent, McPherson struts, sway bar.

Rear suspension: Rigid axle with two longitudinal side arms and a central arm.

Main standard equipment

Front central armrest, rear central armrest, passenger sun blind with integrated mirror, child safety lock for rear doors, front adjustable seats with foldable backrest.

Main optional equipment

Front seat belts; left side mirror; Predeal radio.


+ good value for money
+ fun to drive
+ cheap to run and maintain
+ good fuel consumption
+ iconic car of Romania

– no power assisted brakes
– poor soundproofing

Driven by Paul I. for 3,000 km, 10 l/100 km average fuel consumption, 126,111 km total mileage of the car.

Filmed at Olimpia Stadium Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania.

Dacia 1300 photos

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